Why Invest

Morumbi has first mover access to what is thought to be one of the world’s great potential “cluster” geological areas; Central Bougainville

Morumbi has established commercial agreements with most of the key Landowner’s Companies, and is actively pursuing agreements with the rest.

The absence of a Mining Policy has enabled Morumbi to be the only company building a resource base on the Island – there will be a worldwide rush when the first license is registered

Potential to build a world-class resource base

Morumbi is actively supporting the ongoing efforts by Landowners’ Companies and the local government on the island to create a Mining Policy that should allow Morumbi’s Landowning partners to validate their Licenses

Morumbi is actively working with the Landowners on a wide variety of Social programs that enhance the lives of all the villagers

The highly prospective PNG Popondetta properties are a counter balance to the political risk of Bougainville